The World is Awakening

What is it about today’s world that has us so puzzled, so stumped, so frozen?

Could it be the looming crises we are facing, but seem to ignore?

Could it be that as humans we are grappling with how to face our external and internal challenges?

We are coming into a new age, where the past is rapidly being shed, and the future being forged by brave souls. Things that were once important are now obsolete, and things that seemed to once be of no importance are rapidly becoming priorities.

That’s why I have entered the online world. To learn. To inspire. To communicate. And to challenge.

We need awakened humans to heal, both ourselves and our planet. Without this, we stand no chance against climatic changes, technological shifts, and worsening global health of all species.

Awakened humans will stand together, tall, inspired and ready to take action.

And action is what we so desperately need.

I look forward to posting soon!

Much Aroha,